Why Better?

This isn’t really an austerity blog – god knows, though, it should be – and it certainly isn’t a poverty blog.

We’re an ordinary enough family for today’s normal circumstances. Three adults living together in a small house in the North East of England. One of us is self-employed in a construction trade, one of us has quite a well-paid public sector job and one of us is a student. Two of us are in our fifties, one of us is early twenties.

Despite having jobs and some degree of financial security, despite being bright enough to navigate our way through life and despite having access to education, health care and a good range of life’s opportunities, I can’t help feeling that we could be doing better.

We’re tired too often. We don’t have enough energy, leisure time, money or creativity. We have Third World health concerns – all stress and lifestyle related. We shop too much and throw too much away.

I had started to feel overwhelmed by a lot of this, wanted to make some changes and to feel… Better.

2013-08-05 09.35.30


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